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Dj C-les started his carreer as the youngest dj ever in Carré, where he played in the VIP during the Pretty People Parties for several years. After being a resident for 5 years he played in most belgian clubs (such as Rio, Illusion, La Rocca, Fuse, …) and made guest appearances in Spain and France, where he played together with David Guetta in his club Les Bains Douces.

3 years ago he produced his first track -this is Rio-, which was popular during the WK. Now he produces for Bonzai and Hush Recordz as the House Lovin Criminals. You can hear him on air, every sunday on RGR FM with his radioshow D-sessions.

His favourite music is quality house music, and classics.
With his woman friendly music, he promise you dance garanty! His motto: Have fun like I do!