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I was born in 1979 and it was immediately clear for me that I had the virus of music inside of me. I wanted to know every title of every song and the radio has to be on all day long.
All the money from my first savings went to CD’s. At a certain moment I already had a very nice colletion.

Then came the moment when I first started to be a DJ at parties. Being a 17-year old boy I started playing at local parties.
When I started taking courses at university I quickly became one of the most asked-for DJ at student parties in Wilrijk and Berchem (where the University of Antwerp was located). Different student clubs have enjoyed my DJ-services in the past. I’d like to name a few of them to thank them for the support over the years : Campinaria, ASK, Demetris, Diefka, Ufka, Biomedica, Winak, KDA, NSK, Brabo, PSW, Vada, Fabiant, …

Meanwhile some colleague-DJ’s and myself joined together and created a new DJ-team to start playing at parties in our hometowns (Wuustwezel, Loenhout, Brecht, Essen, Kalmthout). The name of the DJ-team was DJ’s On Tour. For more then 4 years we played at several parties. In the end we had a very succesful ending-party (DJ’s Off Tour) where several colleague-DJ’s came by to celebrate those four years of DJ’ing with us.
I want to thank Bart, Bart, Gert and Kristof for this amazing period in my life.
Still, all my savings went to the purchase of new CD’s and new vinyls. That’s how I became a regular customer of DJ’s Recordstore in Schoten (owned by Frank Van Herweghen).

In the spring of 2003 I started playing at parties for companies at Café Local. Several famous companies have their party there every year, because of the unique interior of this club.
In the end of 2003 I became one of the resident-DJ’s at Maison Double V on the friday-night concept : Fridaylicious. Meanwhile there were some other very nice jobs at several locations : eXistenZ, Dixies, Highstreet, Cafe Local.

In February 2004 I became a resident DJ on Thursday night at the Stella Student Nights in Versuz (Hasselt – Belgium). Every thursday there’s an amazing partynight for the students of Hasselt. In March 2005 I started playing at the new Versuz room (Stella Music Room) on Saturday night. It’s a cocktail room with very nice cocktails where I play a cocktail of allround party tunes.
In 2005 I started playing more evenings in Versuz (saturday nights at Stella Music Room, famous Monnights and the afterwork Overtime parties) next to the Stella Student Nights on Thursdays. Versuz became his natural habitat for years. It was one of the most amazing periods in his life.

From 2008 on I played my music multiple times a week at different venues (Fortuin – Hoogstraten / Missing Link – Westmalle).

I am an official ID&T and Versuz Winterclubbing-DJ from the very first Winterclubbing trip back in 2007 in Savognin (Switzerland). I was the official apres-ski DJ at all Winterclubbing trips (from Savognin to Nassfeld 2008 and Biberwier 2009/2010/2011/2012). As a consequence of these winter trips, a new stage on Tomorrowland was born: The Winterclubbing Stage in the Rave Cave (the famous tunnel). Since 2011 the Winterclubbing Stage is one of the most remarkable stages at this award-winning festival. One of the smallest areas but one of the most unique atmospheres.